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About Us

About Us


Asset Performance Technologies, Inc. is the company that Plant Managers, CFOs, and maintenance professionals count on to make the most of their PM dollars.

Our revolutionary, cloud-based Preventance™ maintenance solution combines unique strategy optimization software with the APT Asset Strategy Library™ (ASL™) to rapidly optimize any PM program.

Preventance sets the standard for PM Optimization by dynamically adjusting to changing operating conditions, plant requirements, and market economics.



The Company’s flagship product, the Asset Strategy Library™ (ASL™) was originally developed by APT co-founders Dr. David Worledge and Glenn Hinchcliffe for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in response to a critical dearth of condition and environment-specific preventive maintenance information for high-end industrial equipment.  The product grew out of frustration by RCM practitioners at the lack of a readily available source of such data.  The first iteration of the product was as a set of industry publications covering the preventive maintenance of thirty-nine (39) core industrial components used by the nuclear power industry.  These publications were so popular that they led directly to the creation of the PRO-M software product, first released and installed in early 2000.  Since that time, the product has been through multiple revisions and is currently in use at over 80 sites in two countries by over 30 different corporations in the power industry.  In early 2015, APT launched the cloud version of its maintenance strategy optimization (MSO) software, Preventance™with the ASL™, the most advanced version yet with unique features that boldly go beyond RCM to financially optimize any maintenance strategy. Together, they offer not only a technically but also financially optimal solution for maintenance strategies at any industrial facility.

Dr. David Worledge, President, Chief Scientist and co-founder of APT, originally proposed the idea for the gathering and publishing of preventive maintenance information to EPRI’s Steering Committee in 1995.  During creating the publications, David conceived of the idea of using mathematical models to give more flexibility and depth to the information in the publications.  He received funding to build the first version of the software product in 1998.  The project has been continually funded by EPRI each year since 1996 before being licensed to APT for commercialization in 2004.

In building the product for electric power facilities, David and Glenn, through their extensive experience in other market verticals, immediately saw the applicability of Preventance™ to any asset-intensive industry.  They have ensured that the modeling algorithms, data gathering protocols, and core industrial components in the system are those that are widely applicable outside of the electric power industry.  Together, they have over 60 years of combined experience in plant maintenance and operations helping facilitate this choice of data and the strategic uses of it in the Preventance™ and ASL™ products.

Over 30 EPRI member companies have actively participated in the development of the ASL™, and all have implemented and are using versions of the product today.  Currently, Preventance™ with the ASL™ are deployed with great success in a variety of industry verticals, including Nuclear, Generation, Chem/Petrochem/Refining, Mining, Steel Production, et al.


EPRI Background


EPRI, the Electric Power Research Institute, was founded in 1973 as a non-profit energy research consortium for the benefit of utility members, their customers, and society.  Its mission is to provide science and technology-based solutions of indispensable value to global energy customers by managing a far-reaching program of scientific research, technology development, and product implementation.

EPRI is the only science and technology consortium serving the entire energy industry – from energy conversion to end use – in every region of the world.  With expertise in a wide spectrum of scientific research, technology development, and product application, EPRI is able to offer solutions that cut across traditional boundaries, taking advantage of the latest advances in many fields.  Participation in EPRI’s program is open to all organizations involved in the energy industry throughout the world. EPRI is highly-regarded worldwide as an institution providing high-quality products and services to the power industry and related fields.

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