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Asset Strategy Library (ASL)

The APT Asset Strategy Library™ (ASL™) is the world’s largest library of failure modes and preventive maintenance (PM) recommendations for equipment in heavy industries. Currently, the ASL contains over 790 peer-reviewed, universal, equipment types.

What data is contained in the Asset Strategy Library?

The ASL is the most comprehensive library of how equipment fails (FMEA tables) and how to prevent such failures (PM Templates) for over 790 Equipment Types commonly found in asset-intensive industries, including:

  • 5,045 PM Tasks and Intervals (PM Templates) (6 per type)
  • 57,918 Degradation Mechanisms (FMEA rows) (73 per type)
  • 178,125 As Found Reportable Conditions (219 per type)
  • (790 types) * (2 experts/type) * (20 years/expert) ~ 31,000 man-years of experience!

Why do I need the Asset Strategy Library?

  • expedite RCM analyses of your maintenance strategies
  • shorten time-to-value of your CMMS and other software implementations
  • improve profitability of your business by doing the right maintenance at the right times for YOUR plant(s).

“794 equipment types times 8 operating contexts is over 6,100 RCM analyses, already done

for you by equipment experts – at your fingertips!” – Mark S Benak, CEO

Some of the equipment types in the ASL are simple, like a pressure switch or relay. Some are quite complicated and are an assemblage of equipment types that are listed individually elsewhere in the Library – a good example would be a power transformer made up of motors, pumps, relays, etc. that together describe a single component, a power transformer. The power of APT’s Asset Strategy Library is the PM Programs are developed for each individual “component” describing what makes sense for that individual type of equipment, given its criticality and operating context.

An important point is that the PM Programs in Preventance APM are recommendations made at the generic programmatic level and do not describe PMs for specific manufacturer makes and models unless specifically required, which is usually not the case. These “universally applicable” equipment types are easily extended to other types of a similar nature through a well-defined and proven process that provides a cost-effective means to add your company’s industry – specific types to our ever-growing database.

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