Category: April 26 2011- APT Releases the Asset Strategy Library (ASL) Version 9.0

APT Releases the Asset Strategy Library (ASL) Version 9.0

The Asset Strategy Library (ASL) v9.0 is the world’s largest library of equipment failure modes and mitigation strategies. The ASL saves time and money when improving the maintenance and reliability of industrial equipment.

Asset Performance Technologies, Inc. (APT) announced today that it has released the Asset Strategy Library (ASL) version 9.0 to its customers and partners. According to Mark Benak, CFO for APT, “We are very excited to continue to increase the size and value of the ASL for our customers and partners while maintaining the highest quality in the asset strategies. More importantly, our growing partnerships should allow us to expand the ASL offering more rapidly in the future.”

APT’s Asset Strategy Library (ASL) is currently in use in 84% of the nuclear power generation facilities in the U.S., as well as in Japan and South Korea, and was recently validated in the oil and gas and other industries. Version 9.0 comprises over 345 asset strategy templates, including:

21,000 Failure Modes (Mechanisms), ~60/template
2,000 PM Task and Interval Recommendations, ~6/template
60,000 As Found Reportable Conditions (Failure Codes), ~170/template

that address a broad range of infrastructure equipment (e.g. pumps, valves, motors, and compressors) and are universally applicable to nearly all industries.

The ASL v9.0 is the world’s largest library of asset strategies for industrial equipment and is not simply a collection of results from single Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) analyses, dependent on a particular operating context. Rather, the ASL knowledge was captured over the past 15 years with consistent, expert facilitation from panels of equipment experts across multiple plants and industries. Operating context is then defined by the selection of equipment functional importance (criticality), duty cycle, and service conditions. With PM task effectiveness mapped to each failure mode, the APT ASL sets the standard for improving equipment maintenance and reliability in heavy industries, saving time and money in the process.

About Asset Performance Technologies
Asset Performance Technologies, Inc. (APT) produces the revolutionary PRO-M maintenance solution that combines unique optimization software with the APT Asset Strategy Library (ASL), the world’s largest library of asset strategies for industrial equipment, to rapidly optimize any PM program. PM Template Reports from the ASL are also available at PRO-M and the ASL set the standard for PM Optimization by dynamically adjusting to changing business conditions, plant requirements, and market economics.  They can be used either as standalone solutions or to support corporate PM improvement efforts.

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