Category: August 10 2011- APT Announces Release of PRO-M v9.0

APT Announces Release of PRO-M v9.0

PRO-M v9.0 is APT’s most advanced version of its maintenance optimization software.

Asset Performance Technologies, Inc. (APT) announced today that is has released version 9.0 of its PRO-M maintenance and reliability optimization software. PRO-M v9.0 has a variety of new features, most notably improvements to the user interface, import/export of data files, and an improved upload utility that supports equipment type version control. “PRO-M sets the standard for maintenance optimization by accurately predicting equipment failure rates and program ROI based on the maintenance program. Using PM Templates from the APT Asset Strategy Library(ASL) as a starting point, PRO-M calculates optimal maintenance plans to support the updated PAS55 specification with a few clicks of the mouse,” according to Mark Benak, CEO at APT.

PRO-M can quickly identify operational risks of equipment failures and inform the user of appropriate mitigation actions, saving significant time and money in the process. Optimal maintenance programs are achieved for a given plant’s financial and operating context by balancing equipment reliability with availability in what matters most, namely dollars – thereby aligning the interests of the Operations and Maintenance organizations in the plant.

APT continues to improve PRO-M’s predictive accuracy and optimization functions and has some exciting new features planned for future releases. According to David Worledge PhD, co-founder and chief scientist at APT, “We are concentrating our latest efforts on incorporating continuous monitoring and smart sensor strategies into PRO-M’s cost optimization algorithms. We are also continuing to rapidly add new equipment types to the ASL and are planning to migrate the library and software to a hosted and more scalable platform.”

About Asset Performance Technologies
Asset Performance Technologies, Inc. (APT) produces the revolutionary PRO-M maintenance solution that combines unique optimization software with the APT Asset Strategy Library (ASL), the world’s largest library of asset strategies for industrial equipment, to rapidly optimize any PM program. PM Template Reports from the ASL are also available at PRO-M and the ASL set the standard for PM Optimization by dynamically adjusting to changing business conditions, plant requirements, and market economics.  They can be used either as standalone solutions or to support corporate PM improvement efforts.

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