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APT Offers Value Based Maintenance

DECEMBER 15, 2017





The recognized leader of failure mode and preventive maintenance (PM) recommendation libraries for equipment common to the heavy process industries, Asset Performance Technologies, Inc. (APT), recently briefed ARC Advisory Group on its new cloud-based asset performance management platform, Preventance APM. The platform combines optimization and analytics capability with the APT Asset Strategy Library (ASL) content to enable users in all industries to optimize PM programs in accordance with industry best practices.

Key findings include:

  • Reliability centered maintenance (RCM) analysis is an arduous process that many users avoid due to the complexity of the process and the amount of resources it can consume. ASL can alleviate the pain of RCM analysis by leveraging the failure mode and preventative maintenance activity content within the library to define an optimized maintenance strategy.

  • The cost/benefit analysis available in Preventance APM enables users to determine a cost-effective maintenance strategy at the component level.

  • Preventance APM not only provides recommended PM task actions, but can also safely delete tasks if the analysis indicates it is unnecessary and therefore not economical.

Long History Behind the Scenes

Outside of the power industry, most users in the heavy process industries are probably unfamiliar with APT by name. However, as an OEM to other suppliers of asset performance management software, many are familiar with the company’s Asset Strategy Library (ASL) of failure modes effects analysis (FMEA) and preventive maintenance (PM) templates and recommendations. ASL was initially developed with the support of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in response to the scarcity of condition and preventive maintenance information available for industrial equipment. The origin of ASL is EPRI’s Preventive Maintenance Basis Database (PMDB) which APT still manages. ASL is currently in use at 84 percent of North American nuclear power plants as well as successfully validated in other heavy process industries, including oil and gas, refining, and steel production.

The original objectives of the partnership were to bring a more efficient and cost-effective approach to RCM and flexible data usage to the nuclear industry. Working with users, APT developed templates and a technical basis for recommended preventive tasks and task intervals. What makes ASL unique is that the data is sourced from multiple plants, must pass an SME review, and is applicable across industries.

APT was an early adopter of mathematical modeling for asset management purposes to provide flexibility and depth to the information. ASL expedites the RCM process, thus alleviating the burden of a full internal RCM analysis. Commercially available since 2004, the company continues to add to the library. The currently available version contains nearly 800 equipment types common to the process industries, over 6100 RCM analyses, and provides approximately 5,000 PM templates.

Value Based Maintenance Methodology

Value Based Maintenance phpm2.JPGAPT applies its Value Based Maintenance (VBM) methodology for optimizing the value derived from maintenance based on a cost/benefit analysis. VBM is a methodology to enable the correct work to be performed at the most economically beneficial time. According to APT, it also provides a flexible approach to risk prioritization using a simple yet robust process that accounts for operating conditions, plant requirements, and market economics.

The Preventance APM Platform

APT has productized its experience and expertise in the form of its Preventance APM software platform. By combining dynamic strategy optimization and analytics with its ASL content, the company believes it can rapidly optimize any PM program.

APT Solution Stack hpm3.JPGCloud-based Preventance APM for asset-intensive industries layers APT expertise and knowledge to eliminate arduous RCM analyses. According to APT, the software’s dozen embedded algorithms enables users to model and refine equipment criticality level, operating context, business model, budget, and objectives to develop a maintenance strategy to improve equipment uptime and reliability.

Preventance APM is available in three versions to suit an organization’s maintenance maturity. For beginners, Preventance Primer provides PM templates, equipment groupings, and custom criticality checklist. Preventance Planned adds generic optimization to the Primer package. Preventance Precision adds customer optimization, reliability and cause evaluation capability, and cost/benefit analysis to assess the business benefits of asset management activities.

Preventance Business Intelligence (BI) provides data visualization and analytics to gain insight into performance, better understand risk, and control costs. APT Consulting Services run the gamut from training to customized Reliability as a Service (RaaS) for greater flexibility in budgeting and service consumption. Basic RaaS level of services are deployed on an as needed basis. Advanced level RaaS adds proactive data monitoring and recommendation alerts from APT’s SMEs.


APT is world renowned for its subject matter expertise in the asset management community. Formalizing its expertise in a software application is a logical next step in its growth. Its long-standing relationship with EPRI will help the company deepen its position in the power industry. The company’s focus is on penetrating other heavy process industries where it has reported experiencing strong growth. Direct integrations with other enterprise systems is on the company’s development roadmap. Currently, users must rely on APT’s flat file approach for computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) data exchange. However, the Preventance APM platform appears to offer new industrial users a straightforward path to begin their reliability journey.

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