Asset Performance Technologies (APT), a leading developer of enterprise software for preventive maintenance (PM) optimization, announced today that the Aerospace Testing Alliance (ATA) responsible for the operation and maintenance of Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC) in Tennessee has joined its Market Leaders in Maintenance program for its PRO-M v6.0 software product. Program participation provides ATA with a license to PRO-M v6.0 which includes its one-of-a-kind database and modeling tools for use in improving the effectiveness of maintenance programs at the center. PRO-M v6.0 is the only product of its kind that can quantitatively relate changes in preventive maintenance to their impact on reliability and consequently production, setting the standard for Economic-based Maintenance (EBM). Now sound financial bases can be used to justify economic decisions regarding PM programs and their impact on operations as well as their return on investment to the organization.

“We are very excited by ATA’s participation in our Market Leaders in Maintenance program as it represents an influential initial customer in a new market vertical for us,” says Carlos Cashman, CEO of APT. “We look forward to working with the folks at ATA to help them get more out of the maintenance dollars spent on AEDC’s facilities.” According to Ramesh Gulati, Reliability Manager at AEDC, “The [PRO-M] database will help us to optimize the PM needs of each piece of equipment, allowing us to better focus people and budget on doing the right things at the right time, resulting in fewer equipment failures and better plant availability at lower maintenance cost.”

APT’s products are currently in use in over 80 nuclear power generation facilities in the U.S. and Japan. APT is seeking further partners for its Market Leaders in Maintenance program. To learn more about participating and using PRO-M v6.0, please contact:

About Asset Performance Technologies

APT produces the revolutionary PRO-M, a unique enterprise software package with a proven ability to deliver improvements in preventive maintenance task effectiveness and PM program ROI. PRO-M is the first product to quantitatively connect preventive maintenance tasks with their effects on failure modes and reliability. This link provides the direct connection to a clear ROI for a PM activity or program.

PRO-M includes industry’s most comprehensive data repository of component information, including failure modes, PM tasks, intervals, and effectiveness based on numerous customizable criteria. Today, PRO-M includes over 100 common infrastructure components, thousands of PM tasks and failure modes codified from over 3,500 man-years of experience.

PRO-M was developed by APT’s principals for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) for use at nuclear power facilities. Used today by the nuclear power industry in the US and Japan, PRO-M is quickly being adopted by other EPRI members in the Transmission & Distribution and Fossil Power spaces. APT is now bringing PRO-M to the maintenance departments of all other industries.

About Aerospace Testing Alliance

Aerospace Testing Alliance (ATA) provides operations, maintenance and support services to the Arnold Engineering Development Center. ATA became AEDC’s single main contractor on Oct. 1, 2003. The Air Force announced that ATA won the contract on June 30, 2003.

About Arnold Engineering Development Center

Arnold Engineering Development Center is the world’s largest and most complex collection of flight simulation test facilities. The 4,000 acres that comprise AEDC are part of the 40,000 acres of Arnold Air Force Base. Dedicated June 25, 1951, by President Harry Truman, AEDC has tested virtually every high performance aerospace system the Department of Defense has used since.

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