October 20, 2005 – Albuquerque, NM: Asset Performance Technologies (APT), a leading developer of enterprise software for preventive maintenance (PM) optimization, announced the Economic Risk CalculatorTM module for its PRO-M v6.0 Economic Based Maintenance software at the recent Oklahoma Predictive Maintenance Users Group (OPMUG) annual meeting on October 3, 2005 in Norman, Oklahoma.

The Economic Risk CalculatorTM allows users to quantify the economic effect on direct and indirect costs associated with changes in their preventive maintenance (PM) programs due to the expected changes in equipment reliability. Consequently, a true return on investment (ROI) on maintenance dollars spent can be calculated. This new modules give PRO-M v6.0 unparalleled financial modeling capability for preventive maintenance in the industry. PRO-M can be used in conjunction with your existing Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system to better understand how and why maintenance dollars are spent as well as their expected ROI. PRO-M v6.0 and the new module will also be featured at the upcoming Society for Maintenance Reliability Professionals (SMRP) conference on Oct. 24-25 in St. Louis, Missouri.

“PRO-M is the only software of its kind that can quantitatively relate changes in your PM program to their effect on equipment reliability. We developed the Economic Risk CalculatorTM to give plant and maintenance managers a tool with which they can see the economic impact of their maintenance spending decisions,” says Dr. David Worledge, Chief Scientist at APT. “We are definitely setting the trend for Economic Based Maintenance (EBM).”

APT’s products are currently in use in over 80 nuclear power generation facilities in the U.S. and Japan. To learn more about using PRO-M v6.0, please contact:

Asset Performance Technologies, Inc.


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APT produces the revolutionary PRO-M, a unique enterprise software package with a proven ability to deliver improvements in preventive maintenance task effectiveness and PM program ROI. PRO-M is the first product to quantitatively connect preventive maintenance tasks with their effects on failure modes and reliability and sets the standard for Economic Based Maintenance (EBM). This link provides the direct connection to a clear ROI for a PM activity or program.